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       Hi, my name’s Scarlett and my mum is the owner of Suzie Blue Canada. Twice a year my mum goes to Bali to design, choose and order the jewellery that Suzie Blue Canada sells. People (myself included) always ask my mum what Bali is like and say how much they would love to go, so since this is my first time, I’m writing this blog - a Beginner’s Guide to Bali.

         As you would expect the 32 hour journey was rough, but not as bad as I expected, because as a person that hates flying and never uses airplane toilets, my expectations were very low.

Having survived the three flights (yes, I did have to use the toilet), we arrived in Denpasar, a little bit jaded, but ultimately excited.

        I thought the flight was bad, but when I got into the car to take me to our villa, I had no idea what was to come. Bali traffic is a nightmare! Firstly, there are hundreds of people on mopeds - not just one or two people on one, but often families of five with very small kids.(Sometimes one of them will be wearing a helmet)
There was one intersection that reminded of the the traffic at the start of the Bee Movie (seriously, if you haven’t seen it google it!) Nevertheless, we made it to the villa in one piece.

         Although we were absolutely exhausted, we made ourselves stay awake and go out for dinner, in hopes of conquering the twelve hour time difference. The food was delicious and the Balinese people were so nice (maybe even nicer than Canadians!) 
         I took sneaky naps whilst my mum was responding to work emails. Needless to say I had no trouble falling asleep that night. @ Kuta,Bali Indonesia

A Begginer’s Guide to Bali: The First Day

After a good night’s sleep I was awake and raring to go for my first proper day in Bali.

My day started straightaway when I was in the shower and spotted a massive lizard on the other side of the bamboo wall. When I told my mum about the lizard, she thought I was exaggerating and assured me that it was just a big gecko. Turns out that a two foot long lizard is not a gecko, but probably a Komodo Dragon. There are two things that I was genuinely terrified of encountering in Bali - Komodo Dragons and Japanese encephalitis (google it, it’s scary) - and I had already faced one of these on the first day. Both of these fears were pretty irrational, or so I was told, as Komodo Dragons rarely attack and there was a very slim chance I would see one (lol). As for Japanese encephalitis, a potentially deadly disease carried by mosquitoes, there is a 1 in 500,000 chance of contracting it and even then there’s only a 30% chance of brain swelling (I thought the vaccination was worth the high price, but my mum goes to Bali frequently and has never heard of this disease), but after the Komodo Dragon incident, who knows?

Anyway, today was the first proper day of buying jewellery. Erna, a lovely lady who works in Bali for Suzie Blue came to pick us up and take us to the artisans. It was really cool to see where all the jewellery lines come from and match the faces to names (or jewellery codes.) All the Balinese people I have met so far have been so friendly and have all commented on my height. At 5’8, I tower over most Balinese people - basically I look like a pasty Waluigi (you know what I mean). I have also learned that the joke about mothers and daughters being sisters is universal and slightly awkward in any culture.


After a very hot and kind of sweaty morning, we went to a really cute pastel pizzeria. It was like someone had opened a can of Pinterest and sprinkled everywhere - seriously, there were mismatched pastel chairs, chunky Tuscan platters and Edison bulbs suspended from ropes. I think it was the best pizza ever, however my judgement may have been slightly swayed by my fatigue, intense hunger and the 12 hour time difference.


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